Satrang Gallery, as part of the SerenArts programme, has established itself as the leading Art Gallery in Islamabad and is already being talked about in the Art circles in the Country 


Exhibitions and Events:

  • March 11- Breaking The Mould, a group exhibition of 10 Contemporary Miniature Artists.
  • April 5- Life Drawings, a 3 Man show of Prints and Drawings.
  • April 20- Women: Holding Up Half the Sky,  a group show Painters - Iqbal Hussain and 9 women artists.
  • May 15-Ramzan Diaries- A show of Chitrali embroidered tapestries and other crafts made by women artisan of Chitral and trained under Mog- a social enterprise set up by AKRSP- Chitral. In this exhibition the Gallery also showcased the work of Truck artists and other artisans.
  • June 22- Gridation- a group show of mixed media- all emerging artists. The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. Marilyn Wyatt, the wife of the US Ambassador Cameron Munter.
  • July 31Noon Wal Qalam, an amazing show of Calligraphy by 10 exceptional artists. Five very senior and renowned artists showing alongside 5 young artists.  The exhibition was a joint venture of the Embassy of Egypt and Serena Hotels. Hundreds of visitors came to the Opening evening, followed by hundreds during the duration of Ramadan.
  • Sept 5- Artist Talk by Quddus Mirza. The first in a series of educational Art lectures by senior professors and Art critics. Many college students and art students from several schools and colleges in Islamabad attended the event.
  • Sept  14- Laberintour,  This show was held in collaboration with the Embassy of Argentine Republic, showcasing the wok of a leading Argentinian artist alongside six Pakistani artists.




World Environment Day

World Earth Day at Swat Serena Hotel

World Tourism Day

World Water Day at Gilgit Serena Hotel

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